MindBerry for BlackBerry Storm
Version 1.2.0

This version fully supports BlackBerry Storm smartphones, includes a new sliding toolbar, hyperlink feature plus improved performance and many more. Below is its look and feel.
BlackBerry Storm Mindmap

Using the touch screen

With the Storm touch screen, you can do the following actions:
Scroll the mindmap: Touch the map and move your finger to the desired position.
Select a node: Touch the node.
Add a child node: Double tap on the parent node.
Fold/Unfold a node: Click on the node you want to fold/unfold.
Move a node: Touch and hold your finger on a node 1/2 a second, you'll see a movement sign at the top-right corner of the screen. Then, move your finger to drag the node. Release your finger to drop it.
Mindmap for BlackBerry, Move a node
Centering the map: If you scroll too much and wish to move back to the center node of the map, tap at the screen four times.

The sliding toolbar

By default, you have a compact, 12 buttons toolbar that fit nicely in landscape view. In portrait view, you'll need to slide the toolbar to get more buttons. Alternatively, you can switch to a larger, easier-to-click toolbar by tapping it three times. Here is the shot:
Mindmap for BlackBerry: Long and Short ToolBar
Tap three times to switch toolbars
Toolbar Functions:
Mindmap for BlackBerry: ToolBar function
Increase/Decrease Font Height: You can access increase/decrease font height buttons by click the Font toolbar button.
Mindmap for BlackBerry: Font Height
Click the font button
Double Tap: You can use both double tap or click action to select items in all MindBerry palettes including color, icon, font and line style palettes.

MindBerry new features What's new from version 1.0.91
Click to view to the change log.

Download MindBerry Download
Enjoy the 10 days trial of MindBerry for BlackBerry Storm!

Install from BlackBerry Desktop Software: MindBerry-1.2.0-storm.zip.aspx
Over-The-Air (OTA) Install: OTA install

Buy online:
If your free trial has expired, you can purchase an activation code to unlock the full version of MindBerry. Get it at BlackBerry App World.

* Origin Freemind version of the showcase mindmap could be found here.