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SlickTasks - organise tasks, set reminder, and more!
Version 2.0

SlickTasks is a powerful task management / to do list application for BlackBerry. SlickTasks lets you easily organise your tasks and sub-tasks into a folder tree. You can set reminder for your tasks, so you never forget to complete the task again. With SlickTasks, you can stay focused and get things done. You can even create recurring tasks for your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tasks.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with so many different tasks in your life? Now, you can stay organized with SlickTasks.

Version 2.0 released -> Download SlickTasks now! [New!]

What's new in 2.0?
SlickTasks 2 includes a lot of changes and improvements. It's much better. These are just the highlights:
  • Icon Indicator - SlickTasks displays the number of past due tasks on home screen to visually remind you that you have some tasks unfinished.
  • Category & Filter - You can organize tasks into categories and Filter function will help you focus on specific groups of tasks.
  • Task Grouping - The tasks on the To-Do-List can be grouped.
  • Today View & Weekly Planner View - Two special grouping modes can be accessed by shortcuts 'T' and 'W'.
  • Project - Tasks with Project Setting have the percent completion status auto-calculated.
  • Shortcuts - Use SlickTasks more effectively with many new shortcuts.

  • Organise tasks, subtasks into tree-structure folders. Folders can be nested as complex as you want.
  • Add new task very fast with inline task entry feature. No another entry screen required.
  • Quick Expand/Collapse branches with Alt+Space or Left/Right trackball/trackpad.
  • Set text color, style like Bold, Italic, Underline.
  • Set reminder with LED colors, vibration option of your choice.
  • Set recurrence task. You can create tasks with recurring reminder. This makes SlickTasks a powerful reminder tool.
  • Outline View and To Do List View.
  • No limit! Create as many tasks and reminders as you want.
  • Synchronize from built-in Calendar and Tasks app.
  • And many more!

All BlackBerry models with OS 4.2 or newer.

Try it
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