Mindmapping software for BlackBerry users
MindBerry is a mind-mapping software for BlackBerry smartphones. It's the ideal software for organize your thoughts, manage information overload, increase your productivity and creativity. Capture and organize your ideas at any moment, do it visually with MindBerry. You can export the mindmap to FreeMind format and transfer it to your desktop for continue use.

Having your mind-mapping software in your BlackBerry, you can :
  • Capture your thoughts at any moment, so it's hard to forget anything
  • Create your to do list, or organize your tasks whenever you need to
  • Take notes where you don't have your laptop with you
  • Be productive, using your spare time
  • Brainstorm at situations where using laptop is inconvenient
  • Transfer your mindmaps from computer to your BlackBerry, you can access them from anywhere

We are continously developing MindBerry to make it even better. Please help us by share your ideas at the MindBerry community.

The waiting is over, Storm version of MindBerry is released. Try it yourself -> Get MindBerry for Storm.

The latest version is 1.2.0 -> Get MindBerry now!

"Your ideas are precious, don't lose them".
MindBerry has some interesting features. The most important thing about MindBerry is it make use of the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard shortcuts for quick editting. Navigating between topics is easy done using the Trackball/Trackwheel.
  • Fast, intuitive navigation, MindBerry using the BlackBerry trackball or the numeric keys to navigate from a node to another node.
  • Support Folding/Unfolding with Spacebar key.
  • Use shortcut to access all editing features.
  • Drag and Drop selected nodes
  • Cut'n'Paste selected nodes
  • Scrolling mindmap using Trackball
  • Decorate nodes with icons, colors, fonts, styles.
  • Attach note to mindmap.
  • Link to web pages, local files or another mindmaps.
  • Save and Load mindmaps to/from BlackBerry Media Card or Device Memory
  • Send mindmaps via email.
  • Import and export both Freemind and MindManager.

Try it
Get yourself the latest version of MindBerry now. Go to Download.

Where to buy? Get it at BlackBerry App World.

Do you like it?
Give us some compliments, say you like MindBerry. You can do it here, just go to our forum and start a new post. We always glad to know someone likes our work, as your words gives us more more inspiration and motivation.

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[New!] Version 2.0 released. Download now!
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BlackBerry Mindmap drawing
Product video

For Storm
BlackBerry Storm Mindmap